When the economy stumbles, service businesses tend to keep marching on, because the need for basic services stays steady through boom or bust. Junk still piles up, no matter what the economy is doing, and someone needs to haul it away! If you have a truck or van in your driveway, you’ve got the one essential ingredient for a trash removal business or foreclosure cleanup business.

How often has a friend or family member asked you to haul away that old broken recliner or do a dump run? Did you know you can actually make money hauling away junk? Good money too. The national average is over $50 an hour…..that’s $400 a day!

A haul-away business is an important service, and a much-needed service for any community. As a junk hauler, you show up at the pickup site, load your truck, haul it away to the landfill or recycler, and you’re done. It’s a simple, but much needed business.

Our book, Haul It Away, is the perfect guide for anyone looking to turn their pickup truck or van into a profitable business. You can work as little or as much as you like. Many just work on weekends to supplement their regular paycheck. You’re the boss.

To get started, pick up a copy of Haul It Away and you’ll be picking up profits in just a few days.

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