Blueprint For a Successful Trash Removal Business

sweep up profits with a trash removal business

sweep up profits with a trash removal business

You’d love to be the owner of an all-star trash removal business. The one business in town everyone calls for their junk-hauling needs. So how can you do it? How can you be the first thing people think of when they see that broken exercise bike and wonder how they’re going to get it off their property? Here’s the blueprint for a successful junk removal business:

1. Catchy name

Having a catchy name will greatly help your business. You want something fun and easy to remember. Junk-B-Gone and Clutter-No-More are all fun and easy to memorize names, whereas Danny’s Hauling Service & Cleanup Emporium is not. Make sure your name is not already used or trademarked. And don’t forget to put your name on business cards, ads in the newspaper, custom notepads, the side of your truck or van and more. You want your name to be ingrained in everyone’s memory.

2. Smart advertising

Just simply starting the business won’t get you customers. You need to get out there and get the word out. Pass out business cards. Take out an ad in the “services” section of your newspaper and run it every week. Put your name on the side of your truck and van, and park your vehicle in a spot where people can easily see it. Talk to people and get to know them and their junk-hauling needs. Act personal and professional, and you’ll see more calls coming your way.

3. Do good work

Do good work—well that was obvious, wasn’t it? Some of the best advertising you can do is simply doing a great job. If you do so, customers will notice and start spreading the word about your reliable trash removal business. Plus, these customers will be more likely to use you again and again.

4. Learn from complaints

No one likes to hear complaints, but if they happen, learn from them. Don’t get defensive or start an argument with a customer. First of all, say you’re sorry, and then learn what you can do to fix the problem. And then, put it into action. Do your best to resolve the situation, and then let the dissatisfied customer know just what you did. Learning from your mistakes will help your business improve. If the previously unhappy customer sees that you care enough to right your wrongs, they’ll be more likely to give you a second chance.

5. Have the right tools

Have you ever seen a baseball player step up to the plate without a bat? Or an accountant without a calculator or computer? Of course not. The same goes for you. Have the right tools that’ll help you succeed in your job. The last thing you want to do is show up to a pickup site unprepared. Be sure to carry a broom, shovel, rake, saw, sledgehammer and whatever else you think might be necessary for you to complete the junk-hauling job professionally and in a timely manner. Be prepared.

Follow this blueprint and your trash removal business will be off to a great start. You want to be the one everyone calls. You want to see those profits keep rolling in. Follow these, and you’ll do just that. To learn more, read Haul It Away.