Got a Pickup Truck? Here’s Your Ticket to Financial Independence With a Junk Hauling Business

how to start a trash removal business

On the Way to the Dump After a Profitable Foreclosure Cleanup

You love owning a pickup truck. It comes in handy all the time. Your family and friends never hesitate to call you to haul that old busted recliner away or to help get rid of all that debris after the new garage was built. You don’t mind these tasks and from time to time you wonder, could I ever make money doing this? You sure can. It’s all possible by starting your own junk hauling business.

Junk hauling businesses do just that. They haul away unwanted items and debris. It’s often stuff large in size or vast in quantity, things the local garbage company won’t take. It’s a much-needed service for any community. Chances are everyone will need to use a junk-hauling service a few times in their life, if not on a regular basis. Hauling away junk and unwanted items eases stress on people and reduces the clutter in our lives. It’s simply a valuable service.

So let’s be specific here. What kind of work do you have to do if you’re a junk hauler? Drive to a pickup site, which often is a customer’s home or a construction site. Take the unwanted item or debris, and load it into your pickup truck. Occasionally you’ll be asked to do some basic cleanup, which you’ll also get paid for. Now drive your truck to the local landfill or recycler, and drop off the items there. That’s about it. Pretty easy, huh?

Well okay, now what type of money can you make doing this? The amount of money you can make varies on where in the United States you live. Those living on the East and West coasts typically make more than those living in the South, Midwest or in rural areas. That’s not to say you can’t make good money if you live in the South, Midwest, or a rural area. You certainly can and will. So, deducting dump fees, vehicle maintenance and fuel, the national average for junk haulers is $53 an hour. Put in an eight-hour day and you’ve just made $424. Weekly that adds up to $2,120. Yearly, you could make as much as $106,000.

And get this, sometimes you’ll be asked to haul away items that you can actually resell for an even bigger profit. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right? When you find an item you want to resell, consider selling it at a garage sale, or through the internet on web sites, such as, and eBay. And don’t forget that you can make good money recycling too. Not only can you make good money, but it does something good for the environment and makes your customers happy too. They love hearing their items aren’t just being dumped in a landfill, but instead are being recycled.

There simply are several ways you can make money hauling around other people’s unwanted items and debris. It’s quite easy to turn trash into cash by starting your own junk-hauling business. Before you know it, that pickup truck will not only be helping your friends and family, but other people too, and all while putting some nice money in your pocket. To learn more, read Haul It Away.




Foreclosures Can Bring Big Profits to a Local Trash Removal Service

foreclosure cleanup business

Profits in Foreclosure Cleanup Business

These rough economic times can be tough for everyone. People are losing their jobs, and many people are being forced to cut back. Many are losing their homes. Foreclosures are happening all over the place. So what does this mean for you? It can actually mean a profitable time for your trash removal business. Foreclosures can actually bring big profits your way.

People are simply unable to pay their mortgages and thus, are losing their homes. According to a recent study, as many as 3,000 homes are being foreclosed everyday. When banks or lenders repossess a home, it’s in their best interest to keep the property in good condition in the hopes of reselling it in the future. So who could they turn to? You and your trash removal business.

Your junk removal business provides a valuable service to them. You can haul away unwanted items and debris. You can help keep the property clean. Will the property be messy? Oh yes, most likely so. The previous tenants have just been kicked out of their home. Many will see no reason to leave the property in good condition. Some might even make a bigger mess before leaving, perhaps trashing the place the night before they leave. While this is a problem for banks and lenders, it means more business for you.

In addition to cleanup you can provide, banks and lenders need additional services you probably can’t perform, such as repairing broken windows and preparing the house for the winter. Don’t claim you can do things you can’t. Don’t say, “Oh sure, I can clean the carpets” if you’re really not qualified. Instead, consider enlisting people from other trades to help you out. Together, your “team” can finish the job and make the banks and lenders happy. You might become the go-to team for all of their foreclosure needs. Plus, if you help out people in other trades, they’ll help you out too.

So what kind of people should you include in your foreclosure cleanup business team? Painters, plumbers, house cleaners, carpet cleaners, handymen and whoever else you think might be necessary for the job. It doesn’t have to be a consistent team either. You could put together a different team for each project.

It’s important to know that foreclosure cleanup is not a get-rich-quick scheme.  And it’s also important to know that as the economy improves, the amount of foreclosure business will likely go down. But don’t let that deter you either. This is a good time for your foreclosure cleanup business. Just be aware you might have to focus on other things in a few years, such as traditional trash removal services, which are also good money-makers.

If you’d like to bring big profits to your trash removal business, consider helping out in foreclosure cleanups. It’s a busy area right now and sure to bring you good money. To learn more, read Haul It Away.




5 Marketing Ideas For a Trash Removal Business

5 Marketing Ideas For a Trash Removal Business

5 Marketing Ideas For a Trash Removal Business

Your new trash removal business is off to a smooth start. You have your supplies, and you’re more motivated than ever to be a success. So how can you get all the junk-hauling work you can handle? Here are five ways:

1. Let people know about your business

It might sound silly, but it’s important to let people know about your business. And don’t just let homeowners know. Tell property managers, contractors, realtors and more. Let them know all your service can do for them, what your prices are and any way that shows why you’re the junk removal business to call. In particular, you can make a lot of money by adding a foreclosure clean up business. This is a profitable field as more and more people are losing their homes to foreclosure. Let banks and mortgage lenders know that you can provide this much-needed service, and you’ll see more calls and money coming in.

2. Newspaper ads

As always, the newspaper is a quality place to advertise your business. It’s one of the first places a person looks when they need to find a trustworthy service to haul away items. Be sure to run the ad regularly, such as once a week. Most papers have a “services” section where you can run a small ad at a low cost. After a few months, people will remember your ad and turn to you more often. If you can’t afford to run a newspaper ad, use a free ad in or

3. Referrals

One of the best ways to get business is through referrals. Best of all, referrals don’t cost you a cent! Your customers are essentially doing the work for you by mentioning your junk-hauling service to other people. How can you increase the chances of referrals? Do a great job. Always be sure to go the extra mile and you’ll see more work coming your way. At the end of a job, consider asking your customer if they have friends or associates that could use your service. This will bring more business to you.

4. Custom notepads

Custom notepads are a fun way to get your name out there. People always need notepads. Somewhere to write down their grocery list, a phone number, a to-do list and more. Everyday when they write on their notepad, they’ll see your name and number staring right back at them. It’ll get ingrained in their memory, and when they think of that old couch that needs to be hauled away, they’ll immediately look for that notepad.

5. A “billboard” on your truck

Your truck can be an excellent advertisement for your business. After all, your business centers around your truck. You can turn your truck or van into a rolling advertisement with a little paint and a little time. Park it in a highly visible area when it’s not in use, and people will soon remember your company’s name and number. Another option is a magnetic sign for your truck.

There are many ways to get all the work you can handle. Try a few and see what works best. You don’t necessarily have to invest a lot of money either. And best of all, soon you’ll be seeing a lot of work. Before you know it, your trash removal business will be the one to call. To learn more, read Haul It Away.




Clean Up With a Foreclosure Cleanup Business

Profit With a Foreclosure Cleanup Business

Profit With a Foreclosure Cleanup Business

The United States is currently in a tough economic time. The recession is affecting everyone. Many businesses are seeing their profits going down. Many are laying off people, and a lot of people are losing their homes. It’s simply a tough time for everyone. But it doesn’t have to be for you and your trash removal business. How so? You can turn trash into cash by starting your own foreclosure cleanup business. Here’s how:

The tough economic time has meant a huge increase in foreclosed homes. Many people are simply unable to pay their mortgage or loan. A recent survey stated that about 3,000 homes are foreclosed everyday. That’s 21,000 a week. Losing a home is certainly a terrible thing, but it can actually mean a lot of high-paying work for junk haulers. Having a foreclosure cleanup business can mean a lot of steady work.

When a home is foreclosed, it’s often left in poor condition. Perhaps it was simply left that way, or in some cases, the tenants will actually make a huge mess in the house the night before leaving. It’s in the bank and lender’s best interests to try to keep the property in good condition in the hopes of reselling it in a few months. They don’t want to lose any value on the home. So that’s where you and your foreclosure cleanup business can come in and make good money.

In addition to your standard junk hauling and cleanup tasks, you might be asked to do some additional things. The list could include:

Changing the locks to keep the property secure.

Getting the property ready for winter.

Lawn and yard maintenance.

Getting the property ready for spring.

Verifying the home is vacant.

You might be asked to do tasks you simply cannot do. Don’t say, “Uh yeah, I can probably do some repairs,” if you’re not actually qualified. In particular, you might need a contractor’s license before you can do any repairs. You don’t want to risk messing up the property even more by claiming you can do something you can’t. So what do you do? You contact people in other trades and together you all can complete the job. It’s a great way to help others. In turn, they can throw work your way too. It’s a win-win situation. So what kind of people should you contact? Carpet cleaners, handymen, painters, plumbers and more. Continue to use this “team” for other foreclosure cleanup jobs or assemble a different team for each one, whatever the situation requires.

You can make good money with a foreclosure cleanup business. It’s quite easy too. Work with people in the other trades and together you can get a lot of work that you’ll be able to complete quickly and effectively. These tough economic times don’t have to be tough for you. Instead, they can be quite a profitable add-on to your junk removal business. To learn more, read Haul It Away.



Checklist for Bidding Junk Removal Jobs


Checklist for Bidding Junk Removal Jobs

Junk Removal Checklist

You’re more motivated than ever to succeed with your  junk removal business. You’d also like to make good money and get adequate pay for the work you do. So how much should you charge? What are the ways you can formulate your bid for a job? What things should you consider? Here’s a checklist to help you:

1. Size

What’s the size of the load? Most junk haulers charge by the cubic yard. Consider charging between $30 and $50 for each cubic yard.

2. Weight

What is the weight of the load? That could mean more work for you in getting it into your truck or van. This is an important consideration, especially when you consider some dumps charge by the weight of the items.

3. Cleanup

If there is any cleanup involved, this should definitely bring with it an extra charge. Most junk haulers use an hourly rate in addition to the load charge. As of this writing, the national average is between $20 and $25 an hour per person.

4. Location of items

Sometimes you’ll be picking up a load right off the curb. Other times you’ll have to do a little more work to get to the items. If you have to haul items from an attic or basement, or it’s difficult to get to in any way, this should bring with it an additional charge. The going rate is also $20 to $25 an hour.

5. Bag or Box

If you have to bag or box items, you should also charge an additional fee. You should be adequately compensated for any work you do, especially if it’s more than simply picking up the item and putting it in your truck or van.

6. Dump fees

Keep in mind dump fees when figuring out how much to charge your customers. Many dumps charge by the pound, so consider adding an extra charge if you’re asked to haul away a particularly heavy load.

7. Rush service

Are you being asked to haul away something a couple hours after you get the phone call? Because it is last minute, it’s more than appropriate to add an extra charge. Pick something like 10% extra.

8. After hours

When you start your business, decide what your normal work hours are. Chances are, they’ll be something like 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. If someone asks you to do a job outside of your normal working hours, charge an additional fee, such as $15 extra, or $30 if it’s particularly late at night, early in the morning, or on a weekend or holiday.

Keep this checklist with you. It’ll make it much easier for you to quote an accurate price to a potential customer. Let them know ahead of time, if at possible, about any additional fees you might be charging. You want to keep your customers happy and your wallet too. To learn more, read Haul It Away.




Blueprint For a Successful Trash Removal Business

sweep up profits with a trash removal business

sweep up profits with a trash removal business

You’d love to be the owner of an all-star trash removal business. The one business in town everyone calls for their junk-hauling needs. So how can you do it? How can you be the first thing people think of when they see that broken exercise bike and wonder how they’re going to get it off their property? Here’s the blueprint for a successful junk removal business:

1. Catchy name

Having a catchy name will greatly help your business. You want something fun and easy to remember. Junk-B-Gone and Clutter-No-More are all fun and easy to memorize names, whereas Danny’s Hauling Service & Cleanup Emporium is not. Make sure your name is not already used or trademarked. And don’t forget to put your name on business cards, ads in the newspaper, custom notepads, the side of your truck or van and more. You want your name to be ingrained in everyone’s memory.

2. Smart advertising

Just simply starting the business won’t get you customers. You need to get out there and get the word out. Pass out business cards. Take out an ad in the “services” section of your newspaper and run it every week. Put your name on the side of your truck and van, and park your vehicle in a spot where people can easily see it. Talk to people and get to know them and their junk-hauling needs. Act personal and professional, and you’ll see more calls coming your way.

3. Do good work

Do good work—well that was obvious, wasn’t it? Some of the best advertising you can do is simply doing a great job. If you do so, customers will notice and start spreading the word about your reliable trash removal business. Plus, these customers will be more likely to use you again and again.

4. Learn from complaints

No one likes to hear complaints, but if they happen, learn from them. Don’t get defensive or start an argument with a customer. First of all, say you’re sorry, and then learn what you can do to fix the problem. And then, put it into action. Do your best to resolve the situation, and then let the dissatisfied customer know just what you did. Learning from your mistakes will help your business improve. If the previously unhappy customer sees that you care enough to right your wrongs, they’ll be more likely to give you a second chance.

5. Have the right tools

Have you ever seen a baseball player step up to the plate without a bat? Or an accountant without a calculator or computer? Of course not. The same goes for you. Have the right tools that’ll help you succeed in your job. The last thing you want to do is show up to a pickup site unprepared. Be sure to carry a broom, shovel, rake, saw, sledgehammer and whatever else you think might be necessary for you to complete the junk-hauling job professionally and in a timely manner. Be prepared.

Follow this blueprint and your trash removal business will be off to a great start. You want to be the one everyone calls. You want to see those profits keep rolling in. Follow these, and you’ll do just that. To learn more, read Haul It Away.




6 Things You Need To Know Before Starting a Trash Removal Business

6 Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Trash Removal Business

6 Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Trash Removal Business

Before you start your trash removal business, there are some things you need to know. You want to be prepared so that you can be sure to do an all-star job and be in business for as long as you want. You want to be the one everyone calls. So what do you need to know? Here are six things:

1. Your community’s needs

Does your community need a junk removal business? Most do, but make sure there is a need for one before you spend a lot of money on getting your business started. Learn about the competition. Are there a lot of foreclosures in your area? If so, that can mean a lot of foreclosure cleanup business. Learn about your community, and you’ll be more likely to succeed.

2. Regulations

Check with your state about their laws and regulations. You’ll need to license your business. You’ll also need to obtain a tax identification number from the IRS. While you’re at it, figure out your legal structure. Is it a sole proprietorship, partnership, or limited liability company (LLC)? What you decide will affect the taxes you pay and the liabilities you’ll have. Speaking of taxes, it’s very, very important you keep good records on all the money you make and the money you spend on your business. Yes, that includes keeping accurate mileage records.

3. Insurance

In addition to the legal things you must decide, you’re going to need insurance. Some states will require a special kind of auto insurance if you use your vehicle for commercial purposes. You also might need business liability insurance. It’ll protect you in the event of a lawsuit or claim. Be sure to find an insurance agent that understands the needs of a junk-hauling business.

4. Recycling

A lot of items you pick up can probably be recycled. No reason to dump things in a landfill if they can actually be taken to the local recycler. Not only will you be helping the environment, but you’ll make your customers happy too. They’ll be delighted to hear their items are being recycled, instead of just dumped in a landfill.

5. Toxic materials

Make sure you’re not hauling away hazardous materials. You need a special license to haul materials, such as paint, asbestos, chemicals and oils, so it’s best to avoid them, unless you are licensed. Plus it can be dangerous to you.

6. Safety

You need to stay safe on the job. Before picking up anything, look for hazards, such as a rusty nail or broken glass, and make sure you have the proper safety materials. Carry a first-aid kit, have good work boots and gloves, and keep a supply of disposable dust masks.

You’d like to be the top junk removal business in town. Make sure you know these six things, and you’ll soon be the one everyone calls. To learn more, read Haul It Away.




6 Secrets to Grow Your Trash Removal Business Fast

You’d like to get your trash removal business off to a smooth start. You’d like all the business you can handle too. So now you’d like to know how you can grow your business fast. Keep those calls coming in. Here are six insider secrets to grow your junk removal business fast:

1. College move-outs

When college ends for the summer, many students move back in with their parents for the summer or into a new apartment or house. This can create a lot of trash removal business for you as many students don’t have a truck or van that can haul their heavy items. Couches, tables, desks and more are all things you could be hauling away. Here’s a tip to get a lot of business: have a discounted rate for students, a “student rate,” as many students don’t have a lot of money to spend on junk hauling.

2. Foreclosures

If you want to see your business grow fast, start a foreclosure cleanup business. In this tough economic time, more and more homes are being foreclosed. A recent study found that 90,000 homes are being foreclosed every month. This can mean a lot of work for you. Consider working with other trades to offer a complete cleanup job: debris removal, carpet cleaning, repairs and more.

3. Recycle items

Many items that you haul away can be recycled instead of dumped in a landfill. Not only is this great for the environment, but you can make good money too. Plus, your customers will be happy to know their items aren’t simply being dumped in a landfill, and are instead being recycled. As more and more people are going green, this is an excellent way to increase the appeal of your junk-hauling business.

4. Car billboard

Consider painting your company name and information on the side of your truck or van, or using a magnetic sign. That way, every time you are driving in traffic you’re a rolling billboard for your junk removal business. When you’re not using your truck or van, park it in an area that gets a lot of traffic. It can be a 24-hour-a-day advertisement.

5 Press release

Writing a press release is free. You can do it yourself. After writing the press release about your junk-hauling business, send it to your local newspaper. There’s a good chance they might want to do an article about you and your service, especially if you have an interesting angle, such as how many items you recycle. This is free publicity for you, and it can get you a lot of business.

6. Custom notepads

Everyone needs notepads to write down grocery lists, phone numbers and more. Handing out custom notepads is a great way to get your business name and contact information into people’s hands. Every time someone uses your notepad, they’ll be reminded of your business. Before long, it will be engrained in their memory, and you’ll be the first one they call when they need someone to haul away that old broken recliner.

Follow these six insider secrets and your trash removal business will soon be the one to call. Before long, you’ll be the talk of the town. To learn more, read Haul It Away.





5 Worst Junk Removal Business Problems and Solutions

sweep up profits with a trash removal business

sweep up profits with a trash removal business

You’d like to keep your junk removal business running smoothly. From time to time you will encounter problems. That can happen in any business. But what will help you stay on top is learning how to overcome these problems. Here are five problems you might encounter, and the solutions to them:

1. I’m lost!

Conventional maps might not save you from getting lost. There are web sites, such as Mapquest and Google Maps that could help you, but what if you’re on the road when you suddenly need to find a new place to stop at. Plus looking at these maps in traffic can be dangerous. You want to keep your business on schedule. What to do? Consider buying a GPS unit. They’re really not too expensive, and they can greatly help you out when you need to find a new location. Plus, they’re simply safer than using a map. They do the work for you. You just follow their instructions.

2. People want services I can’t offer, but I don’t want to lose this job

Occasionally you’ll get offered a job that asks for things outside of your normal junk-hauling or cleanup capabilities. But you don’t want to lose the job. The job pays well and fits perfectly with your schedule. So what should you do? Never say you can do something that you can’t. Don’t claim that, “Sure, I can clean carpets,” when you really can’t. If you still want to take the job, consider calling up your friends in other trades (plumbers, painters, carpet cleaners, etc…) and getting them in on the project too. That way your “team” can work together to complete the project in a way that will satisfy the customer. It’s a way to help your friends get work, and they can help you too. Plus, a ten percent “referral fee” is customary when you refer a job.

3. The site I’m picking up stuff from has a lot of unsafe materials

In most cases you need a license to dispose of chemicals, paint, and other toxic materials. Make sure that any hazardous materials are taken to the appropriate place for disposal, and check to make sure you don’t need special training or a license to remove them. Old asbestos siding is a good example.  Occasionally you’ll encounter rusty nails and other dangerous items. Be sure to have lots of safety materials, such as heavy-duty gloves, goggles and disposable dust masks. Come prepared and you won’t encounter any problems. And always survey a site before you start working, or give the customer a price quote.

4. On my customer’s monthly invoice, he disagrees with a date of service or item

For frequent customers, you might consider charging them monthly instead of per job if that is the way they’d prefer to pay. But what if at the end of the month, you show a date of service or a job they claim you didn’t do? That’s why you need to keep a running log of all jobs and dates of service, and have the customer sign their name next to each item on the day it is done. This will help ensure no problems. Maybe they’ll say, “ I don’t remember that, but I did sign it, so okay, I’ll pay for it.”

5. One of my customers is unhappy

From time to time a customer might be unhappy with your work. Clearly you don’t want this, but don’t panic. Instead, listen to your customer and their complaint. Then, say you’re sorry and work towards fixing the problem. Don’t get defensive or start an argument. You want to learn from this situation and help your business grow. If you’ve found a way to fix the problem, be sure to let the customer know just what you can do. This effort towards fixing the situation will make your customer happy, and will make them be more likely to give you another shot. Learn from your mistakes, and you’ll stay in business a long, long time.

You will encounter problems from time to time. Don’t get stressed out. Instead, work towards fixing the problem. Learn from your mistakes. Be prepared for any issues that might come up. Do these things, and you’ll be on your way with a successful trash removal business. To learn more, read Haul It Away.




3 Hidden Benefits in a Trash Removal Business

Recycling - another profit center for a trash removal business

Recycling - another profit center for a trash removal business

You already know some of the benefits of a trash removal business. In particular, you’re looking forward to being your own boss and enjoying those big profits – as much as $80 an hour. But there are three hidden benefits you probably didn’t know about. Here they are:

1. Vehicle Tax Deduction

One of your expenses for your junk hauling business will be gas and mileage. But did you know you can actually get a tax deduction from the IRS to cover your mileage costs? The current deduction is 51 cents a mile. This is a huge deduction. Plus, in one or two year’s time, you can easily make enough money to cover a fuel-efficient vehicle, which will help cut your costs even more. Be sure to take advantage of this.

2. Schedule Flexibility

You have total control over your schedule. You can work as little or as much as you’d like. Don’t want to work on Fridays? Sure, go right ahead. There’s no set schedule you need to have to be a successful junk hauler. Sure, you will have the best luck getting jobs between normal daytime hours. Still, there can be work available for the evening or night time or even overnight occasionally. You take what you want to take. Want to work weekends? You can get good profitable work there too. You make your schedule the way you want, whether you want your junk hauling business to be a full-time job or just a few hours a week. You decide. You’re in charge.

3. Bonus Profits

Hauling away junk is not the only way you can make money from trash. There are a couple other ways you should think about. First of all, you’ll often haul away items you could then recycle. It not only does a great thing for the environment, but it’ll make your customers happy to learn their items aren’t just being dumped in a landfill, and are instead being recycled. Recycling could bring some good money to you. In addition, you’ll occasionally haul away an item that you can resell for a big profit. You can sell these items at garage sales and online, such as, and eBay. You’d be surprised just what you’ll pick up. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Also, be sure to carry some moving blankets with you in case you haul away some fragile items that could be resold.

The list of benefits for a junk removal business is endless. You not only get to be your own boss, but you get to make great money too. Plus, you can get a huge mileage deduction, you can make your schedule work the way you want it to work and there are several ways to make additional profits on the items you haul away. The list is really endless. Before you know it, you’ll be turning trash into cash with your own junk-hauling business. To learn more, read Haul It Away.