Haul It Away – How to Start a Trash Removal Business

sweep up profits with a trash removal business
sweep up profits with a trash removal business

It sure would be nice to be your own boss. To work in a field with lots of potential work. To make good money on a consistent basis. Be able to avoid the typical 9 to 5 rat race. So what could that be? Do you have a truck or van? Are you motivated? Great! Then you should seriously consider starting your own trash removal business.
A junk removal business does just that. They get paid to haul away junk that other people no longer want, typically stuff the local garbage company won’t take. Who’s going to haul away this broken treadmill? That large pile of debris after that tool shed was built? The answer is a junk hauling business. It’s a profitable and growing field. It’s a much-needed service for any community, and one that everyone will need to use once in a while, if not on a regular basis.
So what kind of money are we talking about? Pay for a junk hauler varies based on what part of the country you live in. After deducting dump fees, vehicle maintenance and fuel costs, the national average comes to $53 an hour.
Well that sounds good!  So, how to get started? Well, first of all there are some legal things to take care of. You need to decide the legal structure of your business. Is it a sole proprietorship, partnership, or limited liability company (LLC)? You’ll pay different taxes and have different liabilities based on which one you choose. You’ll also need to get a tax identification number and license your business. Check with your state for help on this. Next, you’ll need some insurance. Some states require a special kind if you use your vehicle for commercial purposes. Again, check with your insurance agent. You want to be fully protected.
Okay, you got that out of the way. Good. Now come up with a name for your business. Pick something fun and memorable. Make sure no one else is currently using your name and that it hasn’t been trademarked already. Got something good? Great, now let’s get your supplies.
You already have a truck or van, right? Okay, now you’ll need a cell phone and computer. Those are very important to your business. You need to keep good records of your expenses and income and also be able to stay in contact with customers. If you already have those, great! Now there are a few other items you should consider. A GPS unit will greatly help you in finding pick-up sites. You can use a map, but these can be dangerous in traffic. You’ll need a reliable day planner or some way to keep track of all your appointments and customers.
Now there are some tools you should get. A hand truck is a way to help you pick up very heavy loads. Get one that can handle 500 pounds. Moving blankets will also come in handy when you’re hauling fragile objects, objects you might want to resell later on. And don’t forget some other tools, such as a shovel, rake, broom, sledgehammer, saw and any tool that will make your job easier. You need the right tools to be prepared for any job.
Okay, got all those things? Now you’re ready to start finding customers! There are many great ways to find customers. Some include: making a business card, newspaper ads, advertising on Craigslist or Backpage.com, making a web site or blog, making rack cards, putting an advertisement on the side of your truck or van and many more. Try a few and find out what works best for you.
It shouldn’t take you too long to start your own haul-away business. With a little hard work you could be on your way to becoming an all-star junk hauler. To learn more, read Haul It Away.