If You Own a Pickup or Van – Here’s How to Make $400 a Day With a Trash Removal Business

Trash Into Cash With a Junk Hauling Business

Trash Into Cash With a Junk Hauling Business

You love having your own truck or van. You’re often the one friends and family call on when they need a new recliner hauled to their home or for someone to carry the sports equipment to the big game. It’s a pleasure to help people out, to take advantage of the service your vehicle can provide. But what if you could make money doing it? Good money too. Seriously, it’s all possible by starting a trash removal business.

Junk hauling businesses do just that. They haul away things people want to get rid of, whether it’s a broken recliner, old sports equipment or other items. They take them to the local landfill or recycler, which helps to ease the stress on their customers. The items they take are often large or heavy, and they’re things their local garbage company won’t take. Someone has to haul away this broken stove and this busted treadmill. A junk-hauling business will do just that.

Best of all, there is no formal training required. You don’t have to study for a test or purchase a 8-DVD box set to learn how to start your own junk hauling business. You have a truck or van, so you already have the main component needed for success. Are you motivated, good with people and ready to work hard and take advantage of the benefits of owning your own business? Great! Then you’re ready to get started.

But first, you’re probably curious about how much money you can make having your own haul-away business. It’s important to know this is not a get-rich quick scheme. You probably won’t be able to buy your own yacht or your own island off the coast of Australia, but you can make some really good money. So, how much? After deducting dump fees, vehicle maintenance and fuel, the national average comes to $53 an hour. So let’s do the math. If you work an eight-hour day, according to the national average you could make $424 a day! Let’s take this a step further. What does that mean for an entire five-day week of work? $2,120. A year? $106,000!

Unwanted junk and debris clutters our homes. A great stress reliever is to get rid of all that junk, to clean out the attic and finally throw away that broken exercise bike. But a lot of us don’t have trucks or vans or any way to haul these items away. So what do we do? We call a junk-hauling business. We recognize this is a valuable service and are willing to pay good money to see that it gets done.

Would you like to turn your truck or van into a profitable business? That’s all possible by starting your own trash removal business. Soon you’ll be enjoying the profits and the freedom and benefits that come from owning your own business. To learn more, read Haul It Away.