Interview With Trash Removal Business Owner

Trash Removal Business Owner

Trash Removal Business Owner

Jordan Thorn is the owner of his own trash removal business in Wichita, Kansas. He started it years ago and has been making good money ever since. He’s been able to put his motivation and desire to be his own boss into action, and he’s had a successful and respectable business ever since. He was nice enough to sit down and let us know what it takes to be a success:

Question: Why’d you decide to get into the junk hauling business business?

Jordan: Well, there were a couple reasons, really. The first one was that I was tired of the 9 to 5 rat race. I had worked that long enough. I wanted to be my own boss and be in charge of my future, you know? Also, I had a truck. If you don’t have a reliable truck or van, well then it can be difficult to get started. But I did have a truck. I was always the one my friends would call on when they needed a large or heavy load hauled away somewhere, so I put two and two together and decided to start my own business. It certainly didn’t happen over night, but it became a success. I’m not a millionaire or living in a mansion in Hawaii, but I make a really nice living, and I’m my own boss. I couldn’t be happier.

Question: How has your business grown in the last few years?

Jordan: Oh, a lot of ways, really. I do a lot more recycling than I used to. Not only can I make additional money from recycling the materials I pick up, but it’s good for the environment. Everyone is going green these days, and it’s simply a great selling point for any business, especially one like mine. My customers like it a lot. Also, my foreclosure cleanup business sideline keeps me busier than it used to. I guess that’s a result of the rough economic times we live in. For me, it means a lot of available work, so it’s actually been beneficial to me. I certainly don’t like seeing homes foreclosed, but it’s made for some steady business for me.

Question: Did you make a lot of mistakes early on? How’d you fix those?

Jordan: Oh yes! I did make a lot of mistakes, but I never let that stop me. Rather than ignore the mistakes or fire back at a customer, I listened. Listening is a great way to learn. I heard what the customer had to say and then tried to fix the problem. It’s really quite simple. Listen, learn, and leave the customer satisfied. Those are the 3 L’s I like to use. “Leave the customer satisfied” means trying to fix the problem and letting them know just what you’ll do to make them happy. You don’t want to lose their potential business in the future. With this method I’ve been able to retain most of the customers who at one time might’ve been unhappy with my service.

Question: Would you say “Listen, learn, and leave the customer satisfied” is your personal motto?

Jordan: Yeah, I’d say that. There’s one other one I employ all the time. It comes from my days in the Boy Scouts. It’s “be prepared.” You simply have to be prepared for anything that might come up on the job. That means having a reliable vehicle and the tools to get the job done. By following those two mottos, I’ve been able to stay in business ever since I started, and I plan to stay in business until I retire someday.

Jordan Thorn is excited about the future of his junk removal business business. He encourages you too to take it up. It’s not only a great way to make money, but to perform a valuable service that is needed in every community. To learn more, read Haul It Away.