Foreclosures Can Bring Big Profits to a Local Trash Removal Service

foreclosure cleanup business

Profits in Foreclosure Cleanup Business

These rough economic times can be tough for everyone. People are losing their jobs, and many people are being forced to cut back. Many are losing their homes. Foreclosures are happening all over the place. So what does this mean for you? It can actually mean a profitable time for your trash removal business. Foreclosures can actually bring big profits your way.

People are simply unable to pay their mortgages and thus, are losing their homes. According to a recent study, as many as 3,000 homes are being foreclosed everyday. When banks or lenders repossess a home, it’s in their best interest to keep the property in good condition in the hopes of reselling it in the future. So who could they turn to? You and your trash removal business.

Your junk removal business provides a valuable service to them. You can haul away unwanted items and debris. You can help keep the property clean. Will the property be messy? Oh yes, most likely so. The previous tenants have just been kicked out of their home. Many will see no reason to leave the property in good condition. Some might even make a bigger mess before leaving, perhaps trashing the place the night before they leave. While this is a problem for banks and lenders, it means more business for you.

In addition to cleanup you can provide, banks and lenders need additional services you probably can’t perform, such as repairing broken windows and preparing the house for the winter. Don’t claim you can do things you can’t. Don’t say, “Oh sure, I can clean the carpets” if you’re really not qualified. Instead, consider enlisting people from other trades to help you out. Together, your “team” can finish the job and make the banks and lenders happy. You might become the go-to team for all of their foreclosure needs. Plus, if you help out people in other trades, they’ll help you out too.

So what kind of people should you include in your foreclosure cleanup business team? Painters, plumbers, house cleaners, carpet cleaners, handymen and whoever else you think might be necessary for the job. It doesn’t have to be a consistent team either. You could put together a different team for each project.

It’s important to know that foreclosure cleanup is not a get-rich-quick scheme.  And it’s also important to know that as the economy improves, the amount of foreclosure business will likely go down. But don’t let that deter you either. This is a good time for your foreclosure cleanup business. Just be aware you might have to focus on other things in a few years, such as traditional trash removal services, which are also good money-makers.

If you’d like to bring big profits to your trash removal business, consider helping out in foreclosure cleanups. It’s a busy area right now and sure to bring you good money. To learn more, read Haul It Away.