Can You Spare 10 Hours a Week? Here’s How to Earn an Extra $400 to $600 Hauling Away Trash

Junk Hauling Business

You’d really like to make some extra money. Who wouldn’t? And you know it’d sure be nice to be able to put aside some money for a college fund, a family vacation or any other way you’d like to spend it. But then again you already have a full-time job or other commitment, so you can only spare a few hours a week. And you don’t really want to sign up for a job that doesn’t pay well and forces you to work set hours. So what could you do? Do you own a truck or van? Perfect! Now you can start your own haul-away business.

Haul-away businesses do just that. They haul away debris, trash or other unwanted items. They often transport large or heavy loads to landfills, recyclers or donate the items to charities, such as Goodwill. They’re often carrying loads or items that the local garbage company won’t take. It’s a much-needed service for any community.

So what kind of money can you make with your own junk-hauling service? Pay varies on what part of the country you live in. After deducting dump fees, fuel and vehicle maintenance, the national average comes to $53 an hour. Okay, let’s do the math. Say you want to make $400 a week. How many hours would you need to work if you’re making $53 an hour? The answer is a little over seven and a half hours. Okay, what about if you wanted to make $600 a week. You’d need to work about eleven hours. That’s not bad at all.

Plus, there is no time commitment. You can work as little or as much as you’d like. Have 10 hours a week to spare? That could mean well over $500 you could make in a single week. You could do all that work in a single day or spread it out throughout the week. You’re the boss, you decide.

Best of all, there is no formal training or expensive start-up costs. If you have a van or truck, a cell phone and a computer, then you have most of the basic items you’ll need. After those you’ll want to look into some additional tools and insurance and then you’ll be on your way.

If you want to make some extra cash and work when and how long you want to work, then you should seriously consider starting your own haul-away business. It not only helps the community, but can put great money in your pocket. To learn more, read Haul It Away.




Can You Really Make $424 a Day With a Haul-Away Business?

Haul Away Profits

You love driving your truck around town. Your friends often call on you when they need someone to haul something heavy or large for them. You’re more than happy to. Still, you wish there was a way you could turn your truck into a new business where you’re the boss and can make a large profit. There is such a business—hauling away junk or other items.

People often have large amounts of junk they need hauled away. They’ve recently cleaned out their house or their house has been foreclosed. Or maybe their stove finally conked out. That’s where you come in. You get the call and haul it all away to big profits. There is no special training needed. You just need a reliable truck or van and a few other small supplies, and then you can be in business.

Junk-hauling businesses provide an important service. They clean up debris and take it away. Who can take away this old treadmill? This busted lawn mower? A haul-away business. Best of all, many haul-away businesses are green businesses too. They don’t just dump everything in a landfill. Recyclable and re-usable materials go to a local recycler or Goodwill.

So what kind of money can you make? Pay varies on what part of the country you live in. Generally, you can make more money if you live on the East or West coasts, while those living in the Midwest, South, and in rural areas typically make less. After deducting dump fees, fuel and vehicle maintenance, the national averages comes to around $53 an hour. If you work an eight-hour day, you make, that’s right, $424 a day! That equates to $2,120 a week for a five-day work week, and $106,000 a year.

That sounds good. But who would use a haul-away service? Easy: banks, businesses, contractors, home owners, property managers, seniors and more. The list goes on and on! It’s simply an important service that almost everyone will need to use at some point.

Haul-away businesses, like other businesses you start yourself, are dependent on your motivation, your desire to succeed, your ability to build relationships with others, your dependability and overall, providing a great service. It’s not necessarily easy work, but it’s not overwhelmingly difficult either.

As the owner of your own junk-hauling service, you’re the boss. You decide when you want to work, you work as little or as much as you’d like, and you set your prices. Simply put, you’re in charge.

Can you really make $424 a day hauling away junk and other debris? You sure can. It’s all possible by starting your own haul-away business, a business where you set your own rates, work as little or much as you’d like, and enjoy the freedom that comes from owning your own business. You provide a much-needed service, while also making a really nice profit. To learn the insider secrets, get your copy of   Haul It Away.