$100 Haul-Away Web Site

How To Set Up Your Own Haul-Away Business Website For Under $100

Would you spend $100 to make an extra $8,000 next year? Of course you would! I recently surveyed over 50 customers who purchased my haul-away guide and set up their own business. One of the questions was “How much extra income did you make after you set up your business web site. The average increase in income was over $8,000!

That’s why a website is the most cost-effective way to advertise your haul-away business  Let me tell you why I say this. First, you have access to a much wider audience with a website than with any other form of promotion and second, with so many people using smartphones, tablets and computers connected to the internet, you will be easier to connect with.

But aren’t websites expensive to operate, design and update? Not anymore. Sure, they may have been a big expense at one time but that is no longer the case. A website should be considered your primary marketing tool because it:

1. Allows you to promote your services to a much broader selection of potential customers all at once.
2. It lets you educate those potential customers about your service all at once.
3. It gives current and new customers an easy way to connect with you.

But what do you need to put on your website to attract visitors and new customers? It isn’t hard by any means because a simple, basic website only requires a handful of pages to get the job done. Your haul-away business website will be one of those.

You will need an introductory page explaining a bit about you and your business.


Next, a page outlining all the details about your services and costs.


Next, a page with answers to frequently asked questions about your haul-away business.




You can add a page of testimonials from happy customers.




Finally, a contact page with details on how you can be reached. For a better idea of the purpose of these pages, visit any other haul-away business website online. They all have the same basic format.


But before you get too far into the building of a website, you need to find a place to ‘park’ that website so others can find it on the internet. The process is called web hosting and there are several companies that offer either free or paid hosting. Although you will have a limited budget to promote your haul-away business, I strongly suggest you look at paid hosting as the option for your website. Let me explain why:

First, you will be able to use your own personal or business domain name for your website, which you will have registered and own as your internet address. Second, the paid part of paid hosting is affordable and includes several extras that can assist with the building and maintaining of your website. Third, with paid hosting there is no advertising put onto your website to help the hosting company pay their bills.

What Website Program And Which Host?

Let me save you a lot of time sorting through the choices available to you online. When it comes to building a website I urge you to use WordPress. There are many reasons why I say this but mostly it is because the program gives you full control on what your website looks like. Plus, there are several plugins that make it easy to customize your WordPress site.

As for web hosting I turn to Bluehost. They have some extras that are worth the effort including a fast and easy WordPress installation, free domain name, e-mail and incredible customer service you can access in one of many ways 24/7 to help you through any kind of glitch or issue. If you click here (www.bluehost.com) you will receive a discount on their services. That is an affiliate link and I do receive a small referral fee if you sign up but I recommend them because I have used Bluehost for over 9 years and have never had a major problem.

How To Set Up Your Website

Your haul-away business website will not take long to put together if you follow my handy little step-by-step guide. Here they are:

1 – Get Started

Your first step to internet stardom comes from visiting Bluehost and clicking on the “Get Started Now” button. This will take you to another page where you will be faced with the choice of picking a new domain name or using one you already have. Don’t forget, registering your new domain name is free at Bluehost.

2 – Domain Name

Let’s assume you don’t have a domain name yet. Here are some quick suggestions on how to pick one for your haul-away business. First, try to keep it short and to the point. Don’t use numbers, abbreviations, hyphens or slang terms. Make it easy to say, spell and remember. Try to pick something that says a little bit about the nature of your business. Stick to the .com extension.


3 – Pick Your Hosting Plan

You already know why I suggest you use a paid hosting program instead of a free host but which paid plan? The easy answer is to just pick the basic plan. I say this because it is not costly and still includes all the extra features you will need in order to get your website up and running.



4 – Do Some Homework

I want to be sure I am making this as easy as possible for you so I want to remind you that if you don’t completely understand WordPress or Bluehost there is help available. All you need to do is spend some time on YouTube viewing various tutorials. These will give you a much better understanding of them than I ever could by explaining the details to you in text. Bluehost has their own YouTube channel with over 150 how-to videos to help you.

5 – Go For WordPress

WordPress comes with Bluehost in a nifty one-step installation. It will make building your website a lot easier and if you’ve viewed some tutorials by this point, you will already have some ideas you will want to explore.

6 – Dress It Up With A Logo

If you have not already done so, give your haul-away business a professional look with a company logo. The logo can be used on your website but you can also use it on all your marketing materials from signs to business cards. I suggest you visit Fiverr.com as you can have a logo made by one of the amazing freelancers at Fiverr for as little as $5.

7 – Cross Promote

Once you publish your website, it will be live and on the internet. However, no one will know it is there unless you start sharing the web address with others. You can do this by including it on your business cards, on the side of your haul-away business vehicle and anywhere else you are promoting your service.

What Else Can I Tell You?

There’s not much more to it than that. If you follow the instructions in this post you will quickly discover that it is affordable to get your haul-away business the exposure it deserves on the internet. Plus, once you launch a website you will see an increase in business from clients you may not have been able to reach in any other way. One thing you will need to do is keep an eye on your website and update it frequently.

Prices and services change over time so you will want to keep the ones listed on your website current. Also, you may want to do a rebuild every so often to keep your website fresh and new. These are good ideas and you should do them when you can. Just remember to keep your website fresh, informative and interesting and spend most of your time focused on your business and not on your website.