5 Worst Junk Removal Business Problems and Solutions

sweep up profits with a trash removal business

sweep up profits with a trash removal business

You’d like to keep your junk removal business running smoothly. From time to time you will encounter problems. That can happen in any business. But what will help you stay on top is learning how to overcome these problems. Here are five problems you might encounter, and the solutions to them:

1. I’m lost!

Conventional maps might not save you from getting lost. There are web sites, such as Mapquest and Google Maps that could help you, but what if you’re on the road when you suddenly need to find a new place to stop at. Plus looking at these maps in traffic can be dangerous. You want to keep your business on schedule. What to do? Consider buying a GPS unit. They’re really not too expensive, and they can greatly help you out when you need to find a new location. Plus, they’re simply safer than using a map. They do the work for you. You just follow their instructions.

2. People want services I can’t offer, but I don’t want to lose this job

Occasionally you’ll get offered a job that asks for things outside of your normal junk-hauling or cleanup capabilities. But you don’t want to lose the job. The job pays well and fits perfectly with your schedule. So what should you do? Never say you can do something that you can’t. Don’t claim that, “Sure, I can clean carpets,” when you really can’t. If you still want to take the job, consider calling up your friends in other trades (plumbers, painters, carpet cleaners, etc…) and getting them in on the project too. That way your “team” can work together to complete the project in a way that will satisfy the customer. It’s a way to help your friends get work, and they can help you too. Plus, a ten percent “referral fee” is customary when you refer a job.

3. The site I’m picking up stuff from has a lot of unsafe materials

In most cases you need a license to dispose of chemicals, paint, and other toxic materials. Make sure that any hazardous materials are taken to the appropriate place for disposal, and check to make sure you don’t need special training or a license to remove them. Old asbestos siding is a good example.  Occasionally you’ll encounter rusty nails and other dangerous items. Be sure to have lots of safety materials, such as heavy-duty gloves, goggles and disposable dust masks. Come prepared and you won’t encounter any problems. And always survey a site before you start working, or give the customer a price quote.

4. On my customer’s monthly invoice, he disagrees with a date of service or item

For frequent customers, you might consider charging them monthly instead of per job if that is the way they’d prefer to pay. But what if at the end of the month, you show a date of service or a job they claim you didn’t do? That’s why you need to keep a running log of all jobs and dates of service, and have the customer sign their name next to each item on the day it is done. This will help ensure no problems. Maybe they’ll say, “ I don’t remember that, but I did sign it, so okay, I’ll pay for it.”

5. One of my customers is unhappy

From time to time a customer might be unhappy with your work. Clearly you don’t want this, but don’t panic. Instead, listen to your customer and their complaint. Then, say you’re sorry and work towards fixing the problem. Don’t get defensive or start an argument. You want to learn from this situation and help your business grow. If you’ve found a way to fix the problem, be sure to let the customer know just what you can do. This effort towards fixing the situation will make your customer happy, and will make them be more likely to give you another shot. Learn from your mistakes, and you’ll stay in business a long, long time.

You will encounter problems from time to time. Don’t get stressed out. Instead, work towards fixing the problem. Learn from your mistakes. Be prepared for any issues that might come up. Do these things, and you’ll be on your way with a successful trash removal business. To learn more, read Haul It Away.