6 Free Ways To Build Your Haul-Away Business


It may sound logical that once you establish your haul-away business that people will beat a path to your door for your service. However, the reality is that in order for any kind of business to succeed, you have to have some extra elements in place that help build your business. Some of these cannot be factored in on a balance sheet, although the end results have a huge affect on the balance sheet. Here are six ways you can build your haul-away business for free or practically free.

1 – The Job Itself

The way you conduct business and interact with your customers will follow you around in ways you may never see or hear. The way to ensure that you have a good reputation that brings you a steady flow of new business is to provide excellent customer service. This can include attending to your pick up and delivery appointments on time, charging fair rates, treating every customer as if they are your only one and going that extra mile. This alone will determine your overall success.

2 – Online Location Finder

Google Places is an ideal way to get your haul-away business noticed by those who are trying to locate your service. The listing is free and once you are “on the map” anyone with a computer or handheld device will be able to find you. With the information you put into your Google Places, customers will be able to reach you, learn more about your services or find out when you open tomorrow. It is a valuable business building tool.

3 – Branding Logo

Your haul-away business may not stand out with those who don’t already use your services. What will set you apart from competitors is the use of a strong, bold and dynamic logo. The logo provides a visual that people will connect to your business without even having all the details on who you are. If your logo is memorable, you will be noticed. A fast way to building your own logo at no cost is to search online for free logo making programs.

4 – Refer Me

Oddly enough, one of the best ways to build your haul-away business is through referrals. The quickest and easiest way to do this is to partner with local businesses or services that have customers that can use your service. If you can forge such a relationship and pass business back and forth, both of your businesses will benefit. A good place to start is connecting with local hardware stores and contractors. They will know people in need of your haul-away service.

5 – Publish It Online

I like to use blogs. They allow me to show a side of myself that customers and potential new customers seem to like. It’s because I am real, honest and even if I’m not always blogging about any of my businesses, I am still connecting with my followers on a personal basis. This helps my business. The same will happen for you. All you have to do to get started is search online for free blog hosting programs and then go from there.

6 – Classified Information

Any business starting out has a limited budget for advertising and promotion. However, this is where you can reach the most of your potential customers. I know of an extremely effective method of advertising that will cost you absolutely nothing. There are several free classified advertising websites that will help. They include such places as kijiji (Canada)and CraigsList (United States) but you may also have regional sources near where you live. Just try an online search for “free classified advertising” and see what pops up.

I know, it’s a list of only six ways to build your haul-way business but they may be six of the most important tools in your tool box. Some you may not always have to use where others will be your most reliable choices. Regardless of how you use them, once you start to use these tips you will discover something. Your business will grow and not cost you much in doing so.