Clean Up With a Foreclosure Cleanup Business

Profit With a Foreclosure Cleanup Business

Profit With a Foreclosure Cleanup Business

The United States is currently in a tough economic time. The recession is affecting everyone. Many businesses are seeing their profits going down. Many are laying off people, and a lot of people are losing their homes. It’s simply a tough time for everyone. But it doesn’t have to be for you and your trash removal business. How so? You can turn trash into cash by starting your own foreclosure cleanup business. Here’s how:

The tough economic time has meant a huge increase in foreclosed homes. Many people are simply unable to pay their mortgage or loan. A recent survey stated that about 3,000 homes are foreclosed everyday. That’s 21,000 a week. Losing a home is certainly a terrible thing, but it can actually mean a lot of high-paying work for junk haulers. Having a foreclosure cleanup business can mean a lot of steady work.

When a home is foreclosed, it’s often left in poor condition. Perhaps it was simply left that way, or in some cases, the tenants will actually make a huge mess in the house the night before leaving. It’s in the bank and lender’s best interests to try to keep the property in good condition in the hopes of reselling it in a few months. They don’t want to lose any value on the home. So that’s where you and your foreclosure cleanup business can come in and make good money.

In addition to your standard junk hauling and cleanup tasks, you might be asked to do some additional things. The list could include:

Changing the locks to keep the property secure.

Getting the property ready for winter.

Lawn and yard maintenance.

Getting the property ready for spring.

Verifying the home is vacant.

You might be asked to do tasks you simply cannot do. Don’t say, “Uh yeah, I can probably do some repairs,” if you’re not actually qualified. In particular, you might need a contractor’s license before you can do any repairs. You don’t want to risk messing up the property even more by claiming you can do something you can’t. So what do you do? You contact people in other trades and together you all can complete the job. It’s a great way to help others. In turn, they can throw work your way too. It’s a win-win situation. So what kind of people should you contact? Carpet cleaners, handymen, painters, plumbers and more. Continue to use this “team” for other foreclosure cleanup jobs or assemble a different team for each one, whatever the situation requires.

You can make good money with a foreclosure cleanup business. It’s quite easy too. Work with people in the other trades and together you can get a lot of work that you’ll be able to complete quickly and effectively. These tough economic times don’t have to be tough for you. Instead, they can be quite a profitable add-on to your junk removal business. To learn more, read Haul It Away.