How Your Haul-Away Business Can Go The Extra Mile

haul-away businessThe most effective way to make your haul-away business stand out from competitors and all other businesses in your area is with customer service. It may sound like a lot of work when you start to explore what all falls under the category of customer service, but with the benefits that will follow – it will be worth the effort.

But what exactly is customer service? Think about when you shop or use a service as a customer. What kinds of things make you feel ‘important’ to the business owner? What things does the staff do that make you feel ‘special’ and appreciated? Those things are all a part of customer service.

There are things I like when I shop that make me want to return to that same place of business as often as I can. Some of those things are really simple, but important to me. For example, when a business operator or staff member knows me by name. It can’t be easy to remember the name of each and every customer, but when someone remembers mine I notice that. It makes me feel special and you can do the same with your haul-away business.

Something else I like is at another business I support. Because I am a frequent shopper there I receive a regular discount on my purchases. That makes me feel like my business is important to the store owner and because I keep coming back I am receiving something in return. It shows me that my loyalty is valuable and appreciated.

There’s another place I shop where I am always offered some kind of treat. Sometimes it’s a cup of coffee while I am waiting to be served. Sometimes it’s someone carrying my items to the car. Other times it’s a reminder that they are glad to see me.

The staff is always happy and pleased to see me and do whatever they can to help me find whatever I am looking for when I am there. One time I ended up having to order something that wasn’t on the shelf and when it arrived a couple of days later it was delivered to my door! That’s going the extra mile if you ask me.

These are just some ideas on what customer service can look like. The bottom line is that when you treat a customer as if they are the most important person you know when you are dealing with them, they feel good about giving your their business.

It really isn’t all that hard and over time you will begin to develop relationships with some of your regular customers which may even extend into friendships. When you get to know your customers better, you are able to serve them better as well.

Plus, with your haul-away business, when you have happy customers they will do some of the best advertising and promotion of your business than you ever could do yourself. There is something powerful that comes from a testimonial from a satisfied customer than cannot be replicated in a ‘fake’ ad or marketing promotion. I know that with the businesses that treat me well I am always talking about them and referring people I know to check these great businesses out for themselves. The same will happen for your haul-away business when you have the time to build those connections with your customers.

Always, always, always keep in the back of your mind that your customers are what make your business what it is and are what feed your bank account. If you treat them the way you like to be treated when you are a customer yourself, your business will become successful and stand out from the rest. Customer service is the key to success and always will be.