Haul Away Success With a Foreclosure Cleanup Business as a 2nd Profit Center

On the Way to the Dump After a Profitable Foreclosure Cleanup

Your trash removal business is off to a good start, but you’d like to see your business increase even more. What’s an area you could get a lot of potential work? An area that’s basically booming with work for junk haulers. The answer is foreclosure cleanups.

The current economic recession means rough times for everyone. More and more people are losing their homes. According a recent study, as many as 3,000 homes are foreclosed everyday.

When banks and mortgage lenders foreclose on a home, they need someone to clean it up, which helps prevent a future loss in value on the property. The owner of the foreclosed home probably won’t be the one to do it. They’ve just been kicked out of their house. In some cases, they might even make a bigger mess, trashing the place before they leave. For you, it means a lot of work and money.

In addition to cleaning and hauling away junk, what are some other things you might be asked to do?

Maintain the lawn and yard

Change locks

Winterize a home to avoid winter-related damage

Verify the property is vacant

Some foreclosure cleanup businesses offer a large range of services, such as carpet cleaning, damage repair, window washing and more. It’s a great way to get a lot of business. But remember, in most states you’ll need a contractor’s license before you’re able to do any repairs. Plus, if you can’t really do some of these services, such as carpet cleaning, don’t say you can. Instead, consider focusing on hauling away items, cleaning and the other services you specialize in.

It can also be a good idea to assemble a team of people to complete foreclosure cleanup. Get in good with plumbers, painters, house cleaners, carpet cleaners and more. It’s a great way to help each other out with new work. Have everyone quote their price for each part of the job, and then put it all together into one bid. Many property owners want “one-stop shopping,” so assembling a team can be a profitable idea.

To get this kind of work, contact banks, mortgage lenders, contractors and realtors. Let them know you provide this service and that you can assemble a team for their needs.

As the economic recession continues, it can actually mean more foreclosure cleanup business. It’s a tough time for everyone, but it can be a profitable time for you. To learn more, read Haul It Away.