Junk Removal Business Secrets

junk removal business

Junk Removal Business

You’d love to make good money hauling away other people’s junk. Finally you can turn your truck or van into a profitable new career. A job where you can not only turn trash into cash, but also enjoy the freedom and benefits of being your own boss. So what are the secrets that can put you ahead? Here are some:

1. Foreclosures

Foreclosures can be an excellent opportunity for your haul-away business. Someone needs to do the cleanup involved and that can be you. When a home gets foreclosed, the tenants will often leave the house in a mess. Some, due to anger, might even trash the place. That means more work for you, which in turns means more money. If you offer cleaning as well, you’ll get even more business. So how can you get started cleaning out foreclosures? Contact realtors that specialize in foreclosure listings. And don’t forget to contact the banks and lenders who own the foreclosed homes. There are a large number of services you might be asked to do in addition to hauling away junk and cleaning. Consider taking them on or working with other folks in the trades to complete the job. A foreclosure cleanup business can be very profitable.

2. Working with others

As with foreclosed properties, you might get a job that asks for additional work, work you might not be able, or want, to perform. That’s why it’s good to get in with people in trades related to hauling away junk, such as handymen, house cleaners, plumbers, painters and more. If you hear about a foreclosure job, talk with your “team,” get everyone’s price, and then you can put together a bid for the job. It’s also just a good idea to get to know people in other trades as they can throw work your way and you can throw some their way too.

3. Learn to love complaints

You certainly don’t want people complaining about your business, but use complaints to make improvements for your haul away service. Talk with customers and learn what they didn’t like about your work for them. Try to fix any problems and find out what could be done better next time. If possible, follow up with a customer to ensure they’re satisfied with how you’re handling the problem. Learn from your mistakes and you’ll have a great haul away business.

4. Colleges

Move-out day at college dorms and other student housing is a great way to make some nice money. Students often move back home for the summer or simply don’t want to haul that old couch or other furniture around. This is where you can come in and get a lot of work. Plus, you might then be able to sell the furniture for a nice profit or donate it to Goodwill or other charity.

You’d like your haul away business to be the talk of the town, the business to call for any junk removal needs. Use these secrets and you’ll find business will be booming in no time. Before long, you’ll be turning trash into cash. To learn more, read Haul It Away.