Make Your Haul-Away Business Easy To Find With Google

haul-away businessDid you know that you can give your haul-away business a higher profile online for free? Yes, you can and there are several ways to do that. Plus, there are other options that can cost you a nominal fee which should provide a fast return on your investment with your very first customer.

Let’s take a look at the free ones first:

1 – Google Places

You can submit a free business listing at This service is essentially an online directory and with most of your potential customers using handheld devices, what better way to reach them than with the tools they are already using? At Google Places you can list your business, location, hours of operation, website, phone number and even some photos.

2 – Bing Places

Another free online directory to list your haul-away business is located at Just like Google Places, you can list all the information a customer may need in order to use your service.

3 – City Search

By visiting you will be able to post a listing of your business that will give it exposure that you may not receive in other places. That’s because people looking within your community will find your listing here faster than if you used a phone book.

4 – MapQuest

One more free online directory worth posting your haul-away business is at Again, basic details of your business can introduce your service to customers that may not have discovered your service through other means.

Other Online Options

Once you get the hang of what online exposure can do for your haul-away business, you may want to consider launching a website. A website will give you additional access to customers who shop online. There are free website hosts but you will have to purchase a domain name (your internet address). Or you could just go to and start your own blog – it’s free. The website hosting company I use and recommend is Bluehost, and I have arranged a special discount for my readers. Click here to learn more.

Be Seen To Be Hired

The whole point of posting online directory listings and profiles is to get your haul-away business in front of the people you are trying to reach. With more and more business being conducted online, you have to become part of the new consumer market in order to stay competitive. Once you master it you will be happy with the business it will generate for you.