New Breed of Trash Removal Business Profits from “Quality” Junk Removal

Recycling - another profit center for a trash removal business

Recycling - another profit center for a trash removal business

Why are people willing to pay more than the city garbage collector charges to get rid of that old sofa or broken treadmill? According to industry experts, private haul-away companies provide a complete service far beyond a simple curbside pickup. Is that old sofa in the basement? No problem – they’ll haul it out, take it to the landfill and sweep up on their way out of the basement.

Big on recycling? No problem – they will take all the junk that’s recyclable to the best spot, such as local charities or a firm that recycles specific items, like lumber or bricks.

Most private junk haulers get more than half of their business from homeowners in upscale neighborhoods, who throw out lots of recyclable items. Although many charities offer a free pickup service, they may not be able to take all the junk, and will not clean out the space. Another big chunk of regular business comes from property managers who hire a haul-away business to clean out rental units, from simple storage units to apartments to single family homes.

What sets this new breed of junk haulers apart? The first thing you notice is that most are neatly dressed, often with a polo shirt monogramed with their company name. Their truck is clean and tidy. They don’t just take away single items, they will also clean up the mess left behind, including that multi-year accumulation of dust and dirt behind the items they remove.

Seems there are lots of busy folks that would rather do something else besides haul their own junk. Two income couples who put in long hours at the office, for example, and don’t want to spend the weekend working too. Seniors, who simply aren’t able to lift and move heavy objects any more. Property managers, who would rather share a tenant’s cleaning deposit with a junk hauling business than do the work themselves. All in all, enough people to keep a junk hauler busy for a very long time.

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