Questions You Must Ask Before Starting a Junk Hauling Business

Trash Removal Business Questions

Trash Removal Business Questions

You’re thinking about starting a junk-hauling business. As a junk hauler, you’d be providing a much-needed service for your community, while making some nice money. Haul-away businesses average over $50 an hour. That’d be good! But still, there are some questions you should think about before you get started. Here are some:

1. Do I have a reliable vehicle?

Your junk-hauling business will be doing just that—hauling a lot of junk. You need a vehicle that can haul very large and/or heavy amounts at one time. Is your truck or van reliable? You certainly don’t want a vehicle that breaks down a lot. If you have a diesel vehicle, even better. They get better mileage. Though it’s not a must to have a diesel vehicle either. You just need something reliable.

2. Am I motivated? Ready to work hard?

As with any business you start yourself, it all depends on you. That can be both a plus and a minus. If you’re not hard working and motivated, then maybe you shouldn’t be starting your own business. You want to be someone who wakes up each day excited for a chance to work, eager to make good money and most of all, be your boss. You need to be a go-getter and someone who loves talking with other people. A desire to succeed will help you become a success.

3. Does my community need this?

Chances are your community could use a junk-hauling service. However, if you live in a rural area you might not have as much work as, say, a city or town. Think about your community and its junk-hauling needs. If you live in an area that has a lot of mortgage foreclosures, that could mean a lot of business for you.

4. Can I afford the necessary supplies?

Assuming you already have a reliable vehicle, starting your own haul-away business shouldn’t be too expensive. You should be able to cover the basics for under $600. Make sure you can really afford the start-up costs before you dive right in. And don’t forget, in addition to the right supplies, you’ll have insurance and licensing costs. After you get some work it should pay for itself, but be sure you can afford it.

5. What services can you offer?

Think about what specific services your haul-away business can offer. Can you do rush service, overnight jobs or foreclosure cleanups? The more you offer, the more work you can get, but be careful not to offer services you can’t actually do. A good junk-hauling business is one that can do a lot of services—really well.

These are just some of the questions you must ask before starting a junk-hauling business. You don’t want to dive right in without being fully prepared. Don’t let the questions scare you. A haul-away business can be a rewarding career with some big profits. Just take some time, think about the questions and then you’ll be on your way to becoming a success with your haul-away business. To learn more, read Haul It Away.