Recession? Not For This Junk Hauler

foreclosure cleanup business

Profits in Foreclosure Cleanup Business

Darren has had a trash removal business for awhile now. People are more than willing to pay someone to come and remove large amounts of debris or other unwanted items. That’s Darren’s job. He brings his truck to someone’s home, loads up the junk and takes it away, all for a big profit. Many have asked Darren if he’s worried about the recession. Is business drying up? Not at all. In fact, it’s better than ever.

Darren’s job is to help ease the stress of other people, something very valuable in this time of economic recession. Most local garbage companies will not haul away large items, such as a broken treadmill, stove or a huge pile of junk. So these homeowners and property managers call Darren. Plus, in many cases Darren hauls items he can actually resell or take to the recycler for even more profit. You’d be surprised what people throw out or want to get rid of. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Darren sees on a regular basis just how true that is.

So is Darren worried about the recession? No, not at all. In fact, business is better than ever. One of the unfortunate effects of a recession is the increase in foreclosed homes. In fact, a recent report says over 3,000 homes are being foreclosed everyday. Many more are expected to be foreclosed in the coming years. So what does this mean for Darren? A lot of potential work. A foreclosure cleanup business can be quite profitable in these times.

When a property is foreclosed, banks and mortgage lenders will want it taken care of. Specifically, they’ll want junk hauled away, debris cleaned up and the overall condition of the property improved. Since tenants are losing their homes against their will, many will leave the property in a mess, or in some cases, actually make an even bigger mess on purpose! That’s where Darren comes in. He let the banks, realtors and mortgage lenders know a long time ago his trash removal business could handle the mess for them. Darren has also used his networking smarts to assemble a team to be the one stop for many foreclosure needs. Darren learned a long time ago that banks and mortgage lenders often want the property cleaned up, repaired and more. Since he’s not a jack-of-all trades, he works with some people that can do the things he can’t. Painters, plumbers, handymen, house cleaners and more help him out. Sometimes he refers business to them, and sometimes they refer it to him. It’s a win-win situation.

These tough economic times don’t have to mean a tough time for junk removal businesses. People will continue to want trash and other junk removed from their properties. Plus, with the recent spike in foreclosures, a lot of potential work is available for junk haulers like Darren. Darren knows with hard work, good people skills and a desire to make money, that he’s capable of big profits. To learn more about this recession-proof business, read Haul It Away.