Top 5 Ways to Profit With a Trash Removal Service

You’ve heard how you can good money hauling away other people’s unwanted items and debris. The national average for junk haulers is currently over $50 an hour. That sounds good, right? You’d like to keep those profits coming in. So what are the best ways to make a good profit? Here are the top five:

Common Sense is essential for a profitable trash removal business.

Common Sense is essential for a profitable trash removal business.

1. Do a great job

Well that was obvious, wasn’t it? Do a really great job. The best way to make a big profit is to simply do great work. Go the extra mile and then keep going. Doing these things will lead to repeat business from customers and the increased likelihood that they’ll mention your name and junk-hauling service to other people. After all, referrals are one of the best—and completely free!—ways to get business, so anything you can do to do a great job, do it!

2. Foreclosure Cleanup

The growing economic trouble doesn’t mean rough times for junk haulers. In fact, there’s more work than ever in foreclosure cleanup. When a house or property gets foreclosed, someone has to clean it up, remove debris and keep the house in good shape. Work with other trades to do a complete job on the property, and you’ll find yourself getting lots of business.

3. Colleges

When the school year ends, many students move back to their parents’ home for the summer or into a new apartment or house. Often they don’t take all of their furniture with them and have no way to drop it off at a landfill or the Goodwill. This is where you can come in and make big money. Offer a discounted rate, because they’re students, and you’ll see a lot of work coming your way. Much of this furniture will still be in good shape, so you can resell it for a big profit.

4. Reselling

That’s right. Many times you’ll haul away items you can actually resell. Reselling is a great way to make even more money on stuff you were already paid to haul away. There are many ways to sell these items, whether it’s through a garage sale or online through web sites such as Craigslist, and of course, eBay.

5. Recycling

Sometimes you’ll haul away items you can sell to your local recycler. Not only is this a great way to make some extra cash, but it helps the environment. Your customers will be delighted to hear you don’t just dump their items in a landfill, but actually do something positive for the environment. This selling point can increase business, especially as more and more people are trying to live “green.”

There are many ways to profit with a haul-away business. Do great work, recycle or resell the items you haul away if possible, start a foreclosure cleanup business and cash in on move-out day at your local college. Do these things, and you’ll see the big profits continue to roll in. To learn more, read Haul It Away.